Thermosag India Pvt Ltd  is one of the biggest agitated nutsche filter dryer manufacturer in India. We own a high reputation in the Indian market for providing featured ANFDs that contain unique benefits and advantages.

What is an Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer?

  • An Agitated Nutsche Filter-Dryer (ANFD) is a specialized piece of equipment commonly used in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries, particularly for filtering active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) after crystallization. This multi-functional equipment can perform various operations in a single batch, including filtering, washing, re-slurring, and drying, all within a fully enclosed vessel.
  • ANFDs come in a range of sizes, from 20 liters to 20,000 liters, and there are various options available, including cGMP, Pharma, and sterile applications, to meet different needs.
  • We offer a range of MOCs including Stainless Steel, Hastelloy®, other Nickel based and exotic alloys and also cladded, polymer-lined or glass-lined construction Suitable for a large majority of chemical products. Lab and pilot scale trials are also available.
  • Thermosag is one of the biggest Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer manufacturers globally. We own a high reputation in the Indian market for providing featured ANFDs that contain unique benefits and advantages.

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    Key Components in an ANFD

    1. Jacketed Pressure Vessel
      • Maintains positive pressure or low vacuum levels
      • High sealing efficiency
    2. Bi-directional Agitator
      • Adjustable stroke
      • Provides different process effects on the product
    3. Base Filtration Element
      • Configurations and pore sizes vary to fit different product profiles
    4. Heating Elements
      • Controls temperature of the process
    5. Discharge Plug/Valve
      • Designed for maximum product recovery yield

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    Process We Follow at Thermosag India Pvt Ltd

    The main function of agitated nutsche filtration and drying is to isolate solids in batch-oriented processing. There are various methods of recovering APIs from a slurry, but the most obvious advantage of nutsche filters dryer is the combination of slurry filtration, product washing, and vacuum drying processes into a single unit.

    Where is Agitated Nutsche Filter Used?

    Thermosag India Pvt Ltd is a reputed agitated nutsche filter dryer manufacturer in India. Our ANFDs perform efficiently in industries like Pharma and Chemical, wherein filtration and cake washing is required.  The wet cake can be completely dried and discharged as a powder through the use of a jacket on the vessel, heated blades on the agitator, and operation under vacuum, all in one unit.

    Advantages of Agitated Nutsche Filter 

    1. Exceptional Solvent Recovery
    2. Flexible Filtration Options
      • Can be performed under vacuum or pressure
      • Maintains gaseous atmosphere
    3. Increased Safety and Efficiency
      • Reduced staffing requirements
      • No hazardous vapours escape
      • Personal safety ensured
      • Heat transfer surfaces maintain constant filtration temperature
      • No product handling by hand
    4. Thorough Filtration Process
      • Agitator rotates in multiple directions for thorough washing and re- slurring
    5. Versatile and Safe Treatment of Materials
      • Can treat toxic and hazardous materials
      • Preserves product purity
    6. Additional Product Features
      • Ability to blend the product before release
      • Low cost solvent cleaning option
      • PLC-based automation
    7. Streamlined Process and Lower Costs
      • Combined filtration, washing, re-slurrying, and drying in one fully enclosed, automated machine
      • Lower capital and operational expenses
      • Quick processing of large quantities
      • Reduced number of traditional filtration equipment
      • Designed for maximum product recovery yield

    Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer Key Features

      • Operation in batches.
      • Drying under vacuum and ultra vacuum are designed with absolute vacuum in consideration.
      • cGMP guidelines were followed in the design.
      • Body and agitator heating/cooling
      • 3 bar of working pressure
      • Operation Temperatures as high as 200 degrees Celsius are possible.
      • Filter cloth may be easily changed.

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