Forced circulation is the most rugged type of evaporator specifically designed to handle fouling liquid and crystallisation during evaporation. As a leading forced circulation evaporator manufacturer & supplier in India, our forced circulation type design ensures liquid circulation in calandria (main evaporator heat exchanger body) at high velocity in the 2 to 4 m/s range based on the feed composition. This type of evaporator needs large recirculation flow rates to maintain high velocities across tubes. Axial flow pumps are normally used due to low head and high flow requirements. 

The axial flow pump also helps maintain crystal size, allowing the crystal to pass through with minimum grinding across the pump. Usually, forced circulation evaporator design uses single pass construction in vertical installation and two pass construction in horizontal construction. More than two pass design is not desirable as forced circulation type evaporators can have pool boiling and cavitation possibilities which can compromise plant life, cleaning cycle duration and life of the mechanical seal.

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    General Detail of Forced Circulation Evaporator

    • No Evaporation in the Tubes
    • No Distributors required
    • Normally accomplished with Axial Flow Pump for High Flow and Low Head for Pumping

    Design Features of Forced Circulation Evaporator

    • TEMA Type BEM or similar Construction
    • Tube Velocities in the range of 2.4-6 m/s based on application
    • Heat Exchanger completely flooded with Liquid
    • Hydrostatic Head required to avoid pool boiling and cavitation

     Forced Circulation Evaporator Advantages

    • Suitable for crystalline product, Can handle slurry
    • Very less fouling, Minimum down time
    • Very high heat transfer rate 
    • Extended cleaning cycle 
    • Most rugged kind of evaporator

    Forced Circulation Evaporator Limitations

    • Higher power requirement
    • Higher capital costs
    • High retention time not good for temperature sensitive products

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    Why Choose Thermosag As a Forced Circulation Evaporator Manufacturer in India?

    Discover the excellence of Thermosag as a premier Forced Circulation Evaporator Manufacturer in India. Our robust designs effortlessly manage fouling liquids and crystallisation. Benefit from high heat transfer, minimal downtime, and expert slurry handling. Elevate your evaporation process with Thermosag’s trusted solutions.