Hydrocyclone Manufacturer
Hydrocyclone Manufacturer

Thermosag India Pvt Ltd is a leading hydrocyclone manufacturer in India, providing high-quality hydrocyclone filters for various industries. With years of experience and expertise, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the field of hydrocyclone technology. Our hydrocyclones are designed to meet the specific requirements of each, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

What is Hydrocyclone?

A hydrocyclone is a basic, cone-shaped, cylindrical vessel that operates without moving parts and is utilized to separate solid particles from a liquid stream based on size and density. It is comprised of a cylindrical upper section with an offset inlet pipe, an overflow outlet at the top, and tapered cone(s) leading to a tiny outlet at the bottom. It also includes external casing to maintain internal pressure, which is either clamped or bolted together and internal liners that can be replaced for enhanced durability.  As a well-known hydrocyclone supplier in India, our hydrocyclones are available in a range of sizes, with diameters ranging from 10mm for finer separations to 1,000mm or more for larger separations.

The hydrocyclone works by pumping solids and water under pressure, creating a rotational motion inside the cylinder which propels solids to the outer edge by centrifugal force. Larger particles are forced downward by gravity and exit via the bottom outlet along with a small amount of water. The fine solids and most of the water remain near the centre and spiral upward around an air core, and are then removed through a central pipe, known as the vortex finder, and exit via the top overflow.

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    The Advantages of HydroCyclone Filter

    The hydrocyclone stands out as a cost-effective and well-established technology, with the added benefit of having no moving parts, making its construction simpler. Based on the specific use case, the design of a hydrocyclone can be made more compact to occupy less space, and multiple cyclones can be placed alongside each other in a series or parallel configuration. There is minimal requirement for auxiliary equipment.

    However, the hydrocyclone does have some drawbacks, such as wear and tear on the materials, and the need to regulate the inflow to maintain a consistent supply to the hydrocyclone.

    Applications of Hydrocyclone Filter

    According to the top hydrocyclone supplier in India, hydrocyclone filters have a wide range of applications. The use of hydrocyclone is diverse and they are mainly employed as a method of separation. Some of the applications include:

    • Maintain slurry consistency in Pusher Centrifuge Feed
    • Separation of fine particles, such as the removal of large crystals in crystallization systems
    • Removing large particles, such as removing waste from fruit juices
    • Preparing solutions or suspensions through the controlled mixture of solid particles and water
    • Gravitational separation of organic matter from sugar beet waste
    • Separating oil and water in oil refineries

    Features of Hydrocyclone Filter Offered by Thermosag

    Cyclones are composed of four main components: the feed chamber, the cone (body), the underflow (spigot liner or apex), and the overflow (vortex finder). The feed chamber directs the slurry into a spiral flow, generating a vortex. The cone (body), which can be a single piece or multiple pieces, allows the material to continue to spiral, generating a centripetal force that pushes coarse material outwards, allowing fine particles and most of the water to move upward in a vortex.

    The fine particles leave the cyclone through the overflow, located at the top of the cyclone, while the underflow, at the bottom of the cyclone, is where coarse material exits. The spigot liner, which is the underflow liner, and the open diameter of the spigot liner, along with the vortex finder, determine the mass split. Other factors affecting the separation point include feed pressure, feed density, cone length, and cone angles, in addition to the vortex finder and spigot liner.

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    Why Choose Thermosag for Hydrocyclone Manufacturer and Supplier?

    Thermosag provides best-in-class hydrocyclone separators and has high standards when it comes to quality and performance. Being one of the best hydrocyclone separator manufacturers we maintain these high standards by taking complete control of the manufacturing process, producing all parts & components in-house in our  manufacturing plants- equipped with latest machinery that can ensure the top quality our clients expect from us.

    Thermosag’s hydrocyclone separators reflects our dedication to quality and high performance. These highly reliable solutions are a result of intense research and development and can be supplied to operate over a wide spectrum of operational requirements and demanding industrial applications. Call us today and join hands with the world’s top quality hydrocyclone manufacturer in india.