As a leading wiped film evaporator manufacturer & supplier in India, we must serve you the wiped film evaporator that fits your industry requirements. So whether you’ve been in the industry for a while or are just starting, we’ll be able to find you the right type of wiped film evaporator based on your needs. 

We manufacture and supply several types of evaporators with varying costs and features, so we need to know your business requirements. We assure you to provide evaporators after understanding your specific needs regarding heat and pressure.

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    Salient Features of Wiped Film Evaporator

    The wiped film evaporators have the following salient features: 

    • Shorter residence time 
    • High-specific heat transfer 
    • They are simple to clean 
    • The evaporation ratios are over 95% without recirculation 
    • They can process products with high viscosities 
    • They are easy to operate under low vacuum 
    • They have a relatively lower pressure drop 

    While these are some generic features of the evaporator, they may differ for customized evaporators. So if you opt to go with an evaporator or let us customize one for you, the features will be different than the standard one.

    Advantages of Wiped Film Evaporator

    The advantages of a wiped film evaporator vary based on the industrial applications. However, some common advantages of wiped film evaporators are as mentioned below: 

    • They have a highly specific heat transfer capacity. 
    • They have a short residence time. 
    • They have a low-pressure drop capacity. 
    • They can operate under low vacuum conditions. 

    If you’re still wondering about the advantages of a wiped-film evaporator, feel free to contact our team.  

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    Why Choose Thermosag As a Wiped Film Evaporator Manufacturer in India?

    We are one of India’s finest wiped film evaporator manufacturers for several reasons. We’ve been a leading heat exchanger fabrication expert and have been serving various industries to meet the specific needs of each for years. If you’ve been looking for a trusted wiped evaporator manufacturer, look no more. Get in touch with our team, tell them about your needs, and we can together customize a solution that works for your business and budget-wise.