What is a Zero Liquid Discharge System?

A Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system is a wastewater treatment process that aims to remove all liquid waste from a facility, resulting in no liquid discharge being released into the environment. This is typically achieved through a combination of technologies such as evaporation, crystallization, and reverse osmosis. As a zero liquid discharge plant manufacturer and supplier in India, our ZLD system goal is to reduce the environmental impact of a facility and comply with strict discharge regulations. The system is commonly used in industries such as chemical, pharmaceuticals, power, and desalination.

At zero liquid discharge plant in India we typically use a combination of technologies for ZLD systems such as evaporation, crystallization, and reverse osmosis to remove water from the waste stream. The remaining solid or vapor waste can then be safely disposed of or recycled.

ZLD systems are commonly used in industries such as power generation, chemical manufacturing, and mining where large amounts of wastewater are produced. They are also used in areas where water resources are scarce and strict regulations are in place to limit water discharge.

Overall, ZLD systems can be costly to install and operate, but they provide significant environmental benefits and can help facilities meet compliance requirements.

Basic ZLD Plant Components at ZLD Plant Manufacturers in India

The components of a ZLD treatment system in a discharge plant vary based on the amount of dissolved matter in the waste, the desired flow rate of the system, and the specific contaminants present. Our ZLD Systems are designed for high TDS and high COD streams which are called high strength effluents. Such effluents treatments are mainly Thermal treatment using MEE and MVR systems in combination with Stripper, ATFD, Centrifuges as per effluent parameters. This may include pre-treatment of feed as well as post treatment of condensate in accordance with water characteristics. Standard components are usually sufficient, but customization may be necessary to address specific requirements. ZLD is a highly tailored process due to the diverse industries and waste streams, and additional features or technologies will depend on the specific needs of the facility.

Working Principle of Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

Evaporation systems are known to be more expensive than membrane systems, with crystallizers being the most costly of all. Hence, when possible, membrane systems can be utilized to minimize the capital and operating costs of an evaporation system.

Membrane systems can be used to pre-concentrate the wastewater, which in turn can significantly reduce the size requirement of the backend evaporation system and therefore, the capital and operating costs. It is important to note that to achieve high recoveries in a wastewater membrane system, proper pre-treatment, such as softening and pH adjustment, is often necessary.

Vertical tube falling film concentrators are commonly used to concentrate low Hardness low TDS brine solutions, below saturation. This helps to minimize the design capacity of a downstream forced circulation crystallizer, as long as the fouling elements, such as hardness and silica, are within the permissible limit of the Falling Film Evaporator.

Forced circulation crystallizers are commonly used to concentrate brine blowdown from upstream concentration equipment, although small wastewater flows can be treated directly with a forced circulation crystallizer. These crystallizers are designed to manage the crystallization of all salts, sparingly soluble as well as highly soluble sodium salts, without excessive scaling and cleaning frequencies. However, this robustness comes at the cost of higher specific energy consumption and higher specific capital cost compared to Falling Film Type Evaporators.

The solids generated by a forced circulation crystallizer are generally dewatered using a centrifuge or suitable filter. The collected solids are typically landfilled in a conventional landfill as long as they pass the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) testing.

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    Importance of Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

    The availability of freshwater is becoming increasingly scarce, and industrial processes are threatening it on two fronts. On one hand, many industrial processes consume water, reducing its availability for other processes or the environment. On the other hand, industrial processes can release contaminated water that damages the local environment.

    Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) can help recover resources present in wastewater. Some organizations target ZLD for their waste as they can sell the produced solids or reuse them as part of their industrial process. Adopting ZLD has many benefits, including good economics, corporate responsibility, and environmental stewardship. Operating an in-house ZLD plant can reduce disposal costs, increase water reuse, and minimize greenhouse gas emissions through reduced off-site trucking. This results in a reduced impact on local ecosystems and the climate.

    Benefits of ZLD for an Industrial Process 

    There are a number of benefits to targeting zero liquid discharge for an industrial process or facility:

    • The prime most benefit of ZLD system is environmental protection and legal compliance for Industries
    • Lowered waste volumes decrease the cost associated with waste management.
    • Recycle water on site, lowering water acquisition costs and risk. Recycling on-site can also result in less treatment needs, versus treating to meet stringent environmental discharge standards.
    • Improved environmental performance, and regulatory risk profile for future permitting.
    • Some processes may recover valuable resources

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    Thermosag ZLD Treatment

    Thermosag supplies zero liquid discharge plants in India and abroad wherein ZLD systems are robust compact solutions for absolute minimization of liquid discharge in industrial waste applications. Highly adaptable, they can be used across a range of demanding duties in various industries for wastewater reduction as well as recovery of product, and of water suitable for reuse. We are the Zero Liquid Discharge Plant Suppliers in India with extensive experience in both thermal solutions and separation technology ensure a cost-efficient solution.

    Being the designer and supplier of an efficient zero liquid discharge plant in india we practice the below smart solution to reclaim resources and minimize waste volumes

    • All Evaporation options available including MEE and MVR
    • MVR using Most Efficient and highly reliable Centrifugal Turbo Compressor manufactured by Thermosag
    • Low investment, installation and operational costs
    • Special heat exchanger design minimizes fouling and scaling with lowest pressure drop
    • High efficiency reduces heat transfer area required
    • Cost-effective maintenance – 100% cleanable with most of cleaning methods including hydro jetting and inspectable heat transfer surfaces

    Our Exclusive ZLD Wastewater Treatment System for Industrial Wastewater  

    We are the zero liquid discharge system manufacturers in India that ensure to provide robust wastewater treatment systems. By reducing your carbon footprint, recovering high purity water for reuse and creating a positive public perception, Thermosag’ s proven ZLD solutions can help you to meet even the most demanding environmental requirements. With our robust ZLD wastewater treatment system, we ensure environmental protection, perform effective water management, recover pure water and conduct water recycling, recover valuable product recovery and meet all the pollution control board norms. 

    Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) technology provides an efficient and environmentally friendly effluent processing system that improves in-plant water reuse, enhances product recovery and converts a fluid discharge to non-liquid waste. Holding a reputed identity of zero liquid discharge plant manufacturers in india, Thermosag can supply complete ZLD lines comprising the key elements of membrane filtration, evaporation and crystallization technologies, offering the following benefits:

    • Meet stringent discharge regulations
    • Treat and recover valuable product from waste streams
    • Better management of internal process water streams
    • Reduces the need to draw fresh water
    • Minimizes energy consumption

    Thermosag India Pvt Ltd has remained one of the well-known ZLD plant manufacturers in Gujarat, India for over a decade. We provide complete ZLD systems that ensure the best results for your manufacturing units. Contact us today!