A draft baffle crystallizer is a type of crystallization equipment used in several industries, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. As a draft tube baffle-type crystallizer manufacturer in india, we provide a crystallizer incorporating a draft tube and baffles to optimize the crystallization process.  

Whether a DTB crystallizer works for your business will depend on the industry your business falls under. The good news, however, is our team offers a customized crystallizer if needed.

How the DTB Crystallizer Works

The DTB crystallizer is built in evaporative and adiabatic cooling types and consists of a body where growing crystals circulate from the lower portion to the boiling surface. The solution enters the crystallizer vessel, which is heated or cooled based on the process requirements until a point when crystallization occurs.

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    Benefits of Draft Tube Baffle Type Crystallizer

    The benefits of draft tube baffle-type crystallizer are more than you may know. Let’s look at a few of them. 

    • The design enables better control over size distribution which is vital for industries like pharmaceuticals that require specific crystal sizes for their end products. 
    • They minimize the accumulation of impurities and crystals on heat transfer surfaces. 
    • The draft tube’s efficient mixing and controlled growth environment lead to higher productivity and shorter crystallization time.

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    Why Choose Thermosag As a Draft Tube Baffle Type Crystallizer Manufacturer in India?

    As a renowned draft tube baffle-type crystallizer manufacturer, we don’t just sell the product but stay with you throughout your buying journey. We offer strong technical support during and after installation, if you face any problems. The timely support ensures all issues are timely addressed and resolved. To know more about our products, feel free to contact our team. They will help you resolve any queries you may have about the products or even suggest the type of product that will best suit your industry.