Air Cooled Steam Condenser Manufacturer
Air Cooled Steam Condenser Manufacturer

Thermosag India Pvt Ltd is a reputed air cooled steam condenser manufacturer in India. We delivers Air-Cooled Steam Condensers (also known as A-frame or ACC) to condense steam from a steam turbine and create a vacuum to increase the turbine efficiency.

Our Custom Air-Cooled Steam Condenser Solutions

  • Non-standard components and sizes available
  • Designs tailored to meet specific requirements, including plot space, efficiency, environmental, and architectural needs
  • Turnkey installation with a full range of components and services provided.

What is an Air Cooled Condensing Unit?

An air-cooled condenser unit (ACC) is a direct dry cooling system where steam is condensed inside air-cooled finned tubes. The effectiveness of an Air-Cooled Condenser (ACC) is determined by the removal of heat through the flow of cool ambient air outside the finned tubes. Thermal power plants utilize an Air-Cooled Condenser (ACC) to condense the steam discharged from the turbine. The condensed water is then fed back into the boiler in a closed-loop system. As the steam released from the turbine is under low pressure, the ACC functions under a pressure similar to a vacuum. Additionally, an air evacuation unit operates continuously to remove any non-condensable gases.

Air-Cooled Steam Condenser Working Principle

An air-cooled steam condenser is a type of condenser that is used in power plants and industrial processes to condense steam and recover energy from the process. The working principle of an air-cooled steam condenser is as follows:

  • Steam Injection: The steam to be condensed is introduced into the condenser, where it is mixed with cool air.
  • Heat Transfer: The steam releases its heat to the air as it condenses, causing the air to warm up.
  • Air Cooling: The warm air is then passed over a series of cooling fins or tubes that are cooled by forced air from fans. This cools the air and removes the heat from the steam.
  • Condensation: As the steam releases its heat, it condenses into a liquid form and is collected in a condensate tank. The condensate is then pumped back into the system to be reused.
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The air-cooled steam condenser provides a number of benefits, including energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and improved safety. The air-cooled design eliminates the need for a cooling water source, which can be a major cost savings. Additionally, the air-cooled design reduces the risk of leaks and other issues associated with water-cooled systems. This makes the air-cooled steam condenser an attractive option for power plants and industrial processes that require reliable, efficient, and cost-effective steam condensation.

Air Cooled Condenser Components 

ACC installation set-up includes:

  • the supporting structure
  • Steam turbine interface connected steam ducting
  • Finned tubes, heat exchangers, gearboxes, motors, fans, and auxiliaries like condensate and drain pumps.
  • condensate and duct drain tanks,
  • the air evacuation units
  • related piping works and instrumentation
  • Related piping works and instrumentation

Air Cooled Condenser Power Plant Diagram

Air Cooled Condenser Power Plant Diagram

Applications of Air-Cooled Condenser Unit

Applications of air-cooled steam condensers include:

  1. Power Generation: Air-cooled steam condensers are commonly used in power plants to condense steam from the turbine and recover energy.
  2. Industrial Processes: Air-cooled steam condensers are also used in a variety of industrial processes, including petrochemical and chemical processes, refining, and paper and pulp production.
  3. Waste Heat Recovery: Air-cooled steam condensers are also used in waste heat recovery systems to condense steam from process heat and recover energy for reuse.
  4. HVAC Systems: Air-cooled steam condensers are sometimes used in HVAC systems to condense refrigerant and recover energy.
  5. Steam Driven Generators: Air-cooled steam condensers are also used in steam driven generators to condense steam and recover energy.
  6. Cogeneration Systems: Air-cooled steam condensers are also used in cogeneration systems to condense steam and recover energy for reuse.

These are just a few examples of the many applications of air-cooled steam condensers. The air-cooled design makes these condensers a flexible and cost-effective solution for a wide range of industrial and power generation applications.

What Are the Advantages of Air-Cooled Condensers?

  • Air cooled condensers are simple in construction as they do not need pipes for air.
  • Since air is freely available in huge quantity, the running costs are very less.
  • Warm air disposal is not a problem
  • Condenser fouling is also not a problem and normally is not found in air cooled condensers
  • The set up can be with low maintenance costs.

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    Single Row Air cooled condenser

    • The Single Row Condenser (SRC) is a type of air-cooled steam condenser that is situated at the exit of a steam turbine. The condensed exhaust steam occurs within a solitary row of fin tubes.
    • This power generation system has applications in Fossil Power Plants, Combined Cycle Power Plants, Cogeneration Plants, Refuse Recovery Power Plants and other industrial applications.


    Single Row Systems v/s Multi-row systems 

    • The single row tubing needs more spacing as compared to the multi-row tubing. However, single row tubing is more efficient than multi-row tubing. This is due to the reason that the surrounding air temperature is meant for single tubing and is less than that of multi tubing.
    • In multi-tubing, the temperature of the air increases as it moves through each row of tubes, causing the difference in temperature between the condensate and air to decrease in each successive row of tubing. The temperature of air becomes too close to temperature of condensate and therefore the efficiency also decreases

    Why Choose Thermosag for Air cooled Steam Condensers Manufacturer?

    Thermosag is one of the reputed air cooled heat exchange manufacturers in India. Our air cooled condenser for power plant are robust, efficient and well-equipped and completely tailored made.Our Air-Cooled Condensers guarantee optimal performance for your process, regardless of industry-specific, environmental, or architectural needs.

    • One-stop shop 

    We offer a comprehensive solution with the full range of components, including steam duct, vacuum unit, condensate system, and bypass PRDS, as well as a full range of services, such as engineering, production, delivery, and installation., commissioning and training. All in one contract.

    • State-of-the-art technology

    We use high-quality Single Row straight tube straight fin bundles and constructions as the foundation, paired with state-of-the-art fan and motor technology to ensure reliability and optimize performance while minimizing noise emissions and energy consumption.

    • Every possible design

    The dimensions of an Air-Cooled Condenser are often misjudged, but our advanced technology enables us to minimize its architectural and environmental impact by designing a solution that fits your plant perfectly.

    Download our brochure and questionnaire for air cooled steam condenser to learn more about our innovative process equipment solutions.

    One-Stop Shop for Turnkey Solutions

    If you are looking for reliable Air-Cooled Steam Condenser manufacturers in Gujarat, India that produce less noise, emit less CO2, or that provide the highest possible energy efficiency, be sure to explore our Air-Cooled Steam Condenser for the power industry.

    We are one of the eminent air-cooled steam condenser manufacturers in India All our products are tailored and delivered turnkey, making them the solution of choice for waste-to-energy, biomass plants and chemical plants. 

    Thermosag is committed to providing superior quality and high-performing Air-cooled Condensers. These exceptional solutions are the culmination of extensive research and development and can be customized to operate across a broad range of industries, including petroleum, power utilities, steel, cement, sugar, chemicals, and gas-processing sectors. We take pride in our product’s reliability and performance, which are a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality

    At Thermosag, we adhere to the highest standards for quality and performance. We achieve these high standards by controlling the entire manufacturing process, producing all components and parts in-house, and utilizing advanced machinery in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. Our advanced production techniques ensure the quality our clients have come to expect from us. By maintaining complete control over the manufacturing process, we can guarantee that our Air-cooled Condensers meet and exceed the highest industry standards