• Pressure Swing Absorption based Medical Oxygen Plant. (93-93% Purity)
  • Modification / Up gradation & capacity enhancement of Gas Generators Purity Correction for Existing Plant.
  • Repair, Maintenance & AMC for Oxygen Generator Plant.
  • Supply For Spares for Medical Oxygen Plant.

Advantages Of Medical Oxygen Plant

  • Lower your facility operations cost – Take it directly from Air.
  • Onsite oxygen production, atmospheric air as raw material.
  • No need to have cryogenic tank or high pressure storage.
  • System design for 24*7, 365 Days operations, highest plant availability.
  • Eliminate the expense of purchasing , receiving & monitoring your oxygen supply.
  • Instant oxygen quality monitoring.
  • Fully automatic operation requiring no special attention man less operations.
  • Generate oxygen as & when required-plug it switch on & forget.
  • Oxygen Cylinder required only during over load & excess requirement. Auto switch over through Pressure regulation through manifold during excess consumption to ensure stable supply.
  • Easy to install & maintain-Skid Mounted, Preassembled & per-commissioned

Salient Features Of Medical Oxygen Plant

  • Excellent process & construction engineering.
  • In-house manufacturing & assembly  facility  with extremely high quality standards.
  • Skid manufacturing specialty.
  • Easy to install & maintain – Skid mounted, Pre-wired & Pre-comissioned vary compact plant. No extra space required.
  • Monitoring & contorting facilities for oxygen quality.
  • High quality stainless steel valves for vary long durable life cycle.
  • Oxygen receiver to store & supply during power failure.
  • Instruments like HMI, flow meter, Back pressure controller & other for smooth and trouble free operations.

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    Medical Oxygen Plant Comprising Of

    • Screw compression with refrigeration dryer.
    • Three layer filtration system for Air cleaning.
    • Air receivers with accessories.
    • Tower with (1+1) with Zeolite Molecular Sieve (1 Absorption + 1 De absorption mode)
    • Oxygen Analyzer & Purity Indicators.
    • Surge Vessel.
    • Oxygen Storage Tank.
    • Piping & Skid
    • HMI based control system with auto drain valves.

    Product Quality Of Medical Oxygen Plant

    • Oxygen Purity: 93 +/- 3%
    • Carbon Monoxide < 5ppm
    • Carbon Dioxide < 300ppm
    • Water Vapour <  67 ppm
    • Sulfur Dioxide: 0 ppm
    • NOx: 0 ppm