Plate type Heat Exchanger is a compact and low capex Evaporator Heat Exchanger. Due to high fluid numbers, Plate Type evaporators have very high heat transfer coefficients, which makes them an attractive configuration for clean applications. As a trusted plate type evaporator supplier, we can offer a plate type evaporator that works best for your business requirements. Our plate type evaporators are rust resistant and come at reasonable operating costs. They are safe to use given their solid construction. 

However, to best serve your needs, our team will begin by first knowing about your industry requirements and then suggest the evaporator options. With the product’s advanced design features and durability, our plate-type evaporators make for the optimum products that your business may need.

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    Design Features of Plate Type Evaporator

    • Normally Plate Cassettes are welded or Gasketed
    • Gaskets are glued or press fit
    • Simple Construction
    • GMP construction Possible

    Advantages of Plate Type Evaporator

    • High Heat Transfer Coefficients
    • Very Compact in Size
    • Low-Level installation
    • Low Capital Cost
    • Low Power required
    • It can be configured as Falling Film, Forced Circulation or Natural Circulation

    Limitations of Plate Type Evaporator

    • Not suitable for Fouling Liquids, Crystalline material, slurry
    • High Scaling Tendency
    • Frequent Gasket Leakage/ Replacement Problem
    • Cleaning is difficult in the case of Scaling/ Fouling

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    Why Choose Thermosag As a Plate Type Evaporator Manufacturer?

    Of the available plate type evaporator manufacturers in India, what makes us stand apart is our expertise and experience. We’re a plate type evaporator exporter with a proven track record and experience in designing and producing reliable evaporators. We not only ensure the product quality of the evaporators but also consider factors like design features and other processes to give you a high-performing product. 

    At Thermosag India Pvt Ltd, our team ensures we manufacture and supply energy-efficient evaporators so that you can use them for a long time. To know more about plate type evaporators or any other product, feel free to contact our team as they’ll be happy to help.