Natural circulation evaporators are quite simple and are used where the effluent has a high viscosity and high levels of hardening agents. As one of the trusted manufacturer, exporter & supplier in India, we ensure to provide you with the best type of evaporators after understanding your industrial requirements. 

Natural Circulation Evaporator is the most simple type of Evaporator where circulation of liquid is carried out by Thermosyphon effect due to liquid heating. This eliminates any recirculation pump requirement. However due to natural circulation heat transfer coefficients are comparatively low and require large heat transfer or large temperature difference on the utility side. These are normally good for highly viscous feed where pumping and liquid distribution is very difficult.

A natural circulation evaporator is used for products affected by their own high temperatures and residual times. If that’s true for your business, going for natural circulation may help resolve the issue. 

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    General Details of Natural Circulation Evaporator

    • Partial Evaporation in the Tubes
    • No Distributors required
    • No Pump for recirculation of Liquid
    • Vertical Installation
    • Generally Short Tube Heat Exchanger

    Design Features of Natural Circulation Evaporator

    • TEMA Type BEM or similar Construction
    • Liquid Circulation maintained by vapour drag towards top of the tube
    • Hydrostatic Head prohibited since pool boiling is an essence

    Advantages of Natural Circulation Evaporator

    • Suitable for high viscosity liquids
    • Low Power requirement
    • Ease of Operation

    Limitations of Natural Circulation Evaporator

    • Not suitable for Fouling Liquids, Crystalline material, slurry
    • High Scaling Tendency
    • Poor Heat Transfer Coefficients
    • Limitation to more no. of Effect due to high LMTD requirement

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    Why Choose Thermosag As a Natural Circulation Evaporator Manufacturer in India?

    With years of experience in the heat exchanger fabrication industry, At Thermosag, our team is knowledgeable in engineering and fabricating a custom vessel that matches our customers’ specifications. We take ample time to model several tube and evaporator configurations that ensure optimal customer performance. 

    If you want to learn more about the evaporator or customize your own, feel free to contact us. Once we learn about your business and needs, we can design a natural circulation evaporator. You simply need to let us know your requirements based on which our team can suggest you the most suited evaporator.