Short Path Distillation Unit Manufacturer
Short Path Distillation Unit Manufacturer

The Short path distillation unit is a highly efficient purification method ideal for laboratory use where limited space is a concern. It operates under low pressure and involves the use of several flasks with short extraction pathways to separate the condensed material, with a maximum length of a few centimeters. Unlike traditional path distillation techniques that require larger equipment to achieve desired purity levels, short path distillation can reach up to 99% purity using fewer components in a compact working area.

Working Principle of Short Path Distillation Unit 

  • In short path distillation, a liquid mixture is heated in an evaporating flask and connected to a condenser by a short tube. The flask is placed in a heating mantle to raise the temperature, causing the different components to evaporate. The vapor is then drawn by vacuum into the condenser, where it is cooled and turned back into a liquid form. The resulting distillate is separated into different flasks based on weight.
  • In the context of cannabis oil distillation, this method provides an economical solution for separating various compounds, including terpenoids, cannabinoids, and flavor chemicals, as well as contaminants. It does not require additional solvents and can offer high evaporation rates for efficient consolidation of the distillate, with the potential for automation. As a top short path distillation unit manufacturer in India, Thermosag offers high-quality short path distillation systems for efficient and effective separation of cannabis oil compounds.

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    Advantages of Short Path Distillation Unit

    • Ideal for temperature-sensitive compounds:

      Short path distillation systems use a vacuum which reduces pressure, enabling the distillation to take place at lower temperatures that are much closer to the compound’s boiling temperature. This method prevents compounds from being subjected to high temperatures for extended periods of time, which is necessary in standard pressure distillation. It is particularly beneficial for compounds that are unstable at high temperatures or have a high boiling point.

    • Minimal compound waste:

      Due to the short distance the liquid has to travel, less compound is lost in the equipment in short path distillation. This results in a more efficient method that reduces material waste.

    • Efficient for small quantities: 

      This method is ideal for distilling small quantities of compounds, as the liquid has to travel across a shorter surface area, retaining less compound on the equipment.

    • User-friendly:

      Short path distillation systems have the advantage of being easy to use, unlike most conventional distillation techniques that require large equipment to reach desired purity levels. The apparatus used for short path distillation can be found in compact distillation kits and can achieve high distillate purity levels without the need for large, cumbersome equipment. This method is suitable for those with limited working spaces.

    • Fast heating process:

      While conventional evaporation apparatuses can take hours to complete a separation, short path distillation can take only a few seconds.

    Features of Short Path Distillation 

    • Evaporation temperature goes down considerably by decrease with total pressure upto 0.001 mbar.
    • Reduce the thermal stress by reducing the residence time to only a few seconds.
    • The SPDU is designed with high efficiency to prevent degradation and polymerization for products that are highly sensitive to heat.
    • The design of the SPDU can be customized according to the type of product separation and the required capacity.
    • The maximum temperature for heating in the SPDU is set at 350 degrees Celsius.

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    Applications of Short Path Distillation

    Chemical & Petrochemical Industries:

    • SPDU is utilized for separating solvents from silicon oil and distilling cashew nutshell oil, without degradation or polymerisation.
    • The technology can effectively distill intermediates and active substances in pharmaceutical production processes.
    • It is also useful in fractionating crude oil for hard and soft wax separation, and separating long chain acid chlorides from impurities and free acids.

    Oil & Fat Industry:

    • SPDU is used for distilling and separating pesticides from oil, as well as deodorizing and purifying fish oil.
    • The technology is capable of concentrating glycerol by distilling other volatile substances, and distilling to obtain triglycerides.

    Food Industry:

    • SPDU can be employed for reducing moisture and concentrating dairy products and fruit juices, as well as isolating and concentrating lactic acid.
    • It is also useful for separating solvents from flavors.

    Polymer Industry:

    • SPDU enables concentration of polymers with minimal solvent utilization, as well as stripping solvents and dimers from various types of resins.
    • The technology is also effective in recovering isocyanates from prepolymers.

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