Thermosag India Pvt Ltd is a multiple effect evaporator plant manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India involved in the design and manufacture of multi effect evaporators that are also known as multiple stage evaporators. Multiple Effect Evaporators are the best option for Water Evaporation applications like product concentration, crystallization, Salt Recovery, the treatment of high strength wastewater to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge for Industrial Wastewater. Our multiple effect evaporators use steam, hot oil, hot water, and Flue gas or Hot gas (sometimes) as a source of energy to utilize residual heat flows.

Multiple Effect Evaporators are the best option for the concentration of aqueous and non-aqueous solutions resulting in zero liquid discharge of high-strength wastewater. Thermosag MEE are combined as a complete system along with Stripper, Centrifuge, Dryer etc according to Wastewater parameters to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge. Condensate Polishing for residual COD can be a part of system in many cases.

Being a leading multiple effect evaporator plant manufacturers in gujarat, our multiple effect evaporators are for achieving high energy economy, Strippers are to reduce water miscible high volatile solvents, Centrifuges are to filter Crystalline solids from concentrated ML and a dryer for converting the concentrated industrial waste water into solids. The well-designed system makes system highly energy efficient, suitable for corrosive liquid, reasonably low maintenance and very easy to operate which saves operating and disposal costs. Optimized Hydraulics of liquid circulation and recycling minimizes scaling in the evaporators which otherwise is a major issue in MEE.

Principle Functionality of Multiple-Effect Evaporator 

A multiple effect evaporator is a process plant used in industrial processes to concentrate solutions, typically liquids, by removing a portion of their water or other solvent content through evaporation. The basic principle of operation is to use the heat energy from steam to evaporate water from a solution in the first effect, and then use the heat energy from the vapor produced in that first effect to evaporate water from a second solution in the second effect, and so on. This allows for a more efficient use of the heat energy, as the vapor from one effect is used as the heating source for the next.

The functionality of multiple effect evaporator can be broken down into several key components:

  1. Feed System: The feed system is responsible for introducing the solution to be concentrated into the first effect of the evaporator.
  2. Heating System: The heating system is responsible for providing the heat energy needed to evaporate the water from the solution. This is typically done by using steam or Hot Oil as the heating source.
  3. Evaporation Effects: Each effect in the evaporator serves as a separate vessel where evaporation takes place. The vapor produced in one effect is used as the heating source for the next.
  4. Vapor Condensation: The vapor produced by the evaporation process is condensed and collected, typically as distilled water or another liquid product.
  5. Product Removal: The concentrated solution, or “product”, is removed from the last effect of the evaporator.
  6. Control System: A control system monitors and adjusts the process conditions, such as temperature and pressure, to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

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    Energy Optimization Techniques of MEE Plant Manufacturers

    • Multi-Staging

      With the multi-staging technique, the requirement of thermal energy is reduced. This technique is best suitable with high-pressure steam and Vacuum Evaporators wherein, it further, helps to reduce the cooling water requirement. Also, the technique helps in reducing the requirement of cooling water makeup leading to water conservation.

    • Preheating

      With the preheating technique, the size of the main heat exchangers is reduced to the lowest. Further, the technique is known to utilize steam in the most economical way. In addition, it also minimizes thermal losses leading to higher efficiency and utility.

    • Thermocompressor

      The biggest benefit of the Thermo compressor is the ability to improvise the economical usage of steam. Also, it functions at its best with a lower evaporation plant operating temperature. This technique is suitable for almost all kinds of evaporation plants and liquids excluding high boiling point liquid.

    Main Types of Equipment Used in Multiple Effect Evaporator:

    • Heat Exchangers
    • Vapour Liquid Separators/Crystallizers
    • Pumps
    • Thermocompressor
    • Steam Jet Ejectors/ Vacuum Pump
    • Piping 
    • Instrumentation
    • Filters/ Dryer

    Feed Variants of Multiple Effect Evaporator

    Forward feed multiple effect evaporators

    Forward feed arrangement

    • Forward feed arrangement can provide higher thermal economy when placed with Preheaters
    • The system prefers feed arrangement unless limitation of Physical Properties of Product are seen.
    • The feed travels from 1st Effect to Last Effect
    • In the majority cases no Feed transfer Pump is required from one effect to another
    • With forward feed, Thermocompressor are used more effectively
    • It has low product outlet temperature
    Forward feed arrangement
    Backward Feed Arrangement in Multi effect Evaporator

    Backward feed multiple effect evaporators

    Backward Feed Arrangement in Multi effect Evaporator

    • No preheaters required
    • Here there is lower Thermal economy compared to Forward Feed, Feed travelling from last Effect to 1st Effect
    • For backward feed, the feed Transfer Pump is required in every effect
    • In this system, the thermocompressor effectiveness is limited
    • The system comprises high Product Outlet Temperature
    • These are more suitable for liquids with much higher viscosity at higher concentration due to high Product Temperature

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    Feed Preheating

    • Why Preheating Required in Multiple Effect Evaporation?

      In Multiple Effect Latent Heat utilizes repeatedly from   one effect to another. But Sensible Heat does not. This meaning Latent Heat requirement keeps reducing with increasing in number of effects but without preheaters attached to each effect sensible heat requirement does not decrease equally even by increasing number of effects. Also first effect major heat supply is consumed only in sensible heat transfer if no preheaters are attached to individual effects.

    • What is the contribution of Sensible Heat in total Heat requirement?

      In multiple Effect as no. of effect increases, %   contribution of Sensible Heat keeps increasing since   latent heat utilizes repeatedly.  Heat requirement is

       = Sensible Heat + Latent Heat where LH keep reducing  with more no. of Effects

    • What Preheater Does?

      Preheater divides Sensible Heat across Effects to have optimum reduction of sensible heat requirement in a similar way like latent heat.

    Advantages of Multiple Effect Evaporation

    • Minimization of the waste volume to be managed with significant reduction in waste management cost
    • Recycling and reuse of recovered water to increase sustainability by reducing cooling water makeup in cooling tower
    • Implementation of a zero-discharge system
    • Fulfilment of Legal Compliance for Wastewater norms
    • Reduction in the consumption of fresh water or ground water by re-using treated water
    • Ease of increasing the number of effects without increasing energy consumption for elevating plant capacity

    Why Choose Thermosag As Your Multiple effect Evaporator Manufacturer in India? 

    Thermosag is the most reputed multiple effect evaporator plant manufacturer in Ahmedabad thriving with developing innovative methodologies in the field of chemical engineering.

    Outstanding Performance

    Get the most economical evaporator for your process needs – right from the start. Take advantage of broad evaporation expertise with deep understanding of Water Chemistry. Systems are designed with perfectly Engineered and Scientific Calculation with integration of practical hands on experience for variety of streams. No need to compromise with under rated performance, frequent maintenance and operational difficulties.

    Uptime Optimization

    • Thermosag offers dedicated service to optimize your evaporation system and ensure high uptime:
    • Connected services provide remote support and assistance to achieve improved uptime, high energy economy and optimized maintenance frequency 
    • No special or exclusive spare parts required which reduces dependency and user’s can have competitive price benefit without monopoly of spares  
    • Quick and reliable service support

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