An indirect cooling type batch crystallizer is a specialized equipment used for batch crystallization processes in several industries. As an indirect cooling type batch crystallizer manufacturer & supplier in India, we first understand your batch crystallization needs before suggesting you the batch crystallizer. 

The crystallization process is specifically designed to produce high-quality crystals by controlling the cooling rate and separating crystals from the mother liquor.

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    Features of Indirect Cooling Type Batch Crystallizer

    An indirect cooling type batch crystallizer is specifically used in several industries for batch crystallization processes. Some of the key features are as below: 

    • The crystallizer uses an indirect cooling mechanism where a cooling medium circulates through a cooling jacket or coil surrounding a crystallization vessel. 
    • It operates in a batch mode, meaning each crystallization cycle gets conducted as a separate batch, allowing better control over crystal quality and size. 
    • It is designed to promote the seamless separation of crystals from the mother liquor once the crystallization process gets completed.

    Applications of Indirect Cooling Type Batch Crystallizer

    Some of the most common applications of indirect cooling-type batch crystallizers are as follows: 

    • It is used in the mining industry to crystalize valuable minerals and ores to improve their purity. 
    • It finds application in specialty materials. 
    • It is used to produce nutraceutical products like vitamins and dietary supplements where controlled crystallization is required to achieve desired product characteristics.

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    Why Choose Thermosag As an Indirect Cooling Type Batch Crystallizer Manufacturer in India?

    When choosing an indirect cooling type crystallizer manufacturer and supplier, you need to go for the one with a considerable level of experience in the industry. At Thermosag, we don’t just focus on selling our product but rather on providing an exceptional customer experience, making us one of the most trusted Indirect cooling type batch crystallizer manufacturers in India. Reach out in case of any questions or queries!