Scraped surface crystallizer is commonly used in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries for heat transfer. A trusted scraped surface crystallizer manufacturer & supplier in India like ours offers the right scraped surface crystallizer for your business. 

These types of crystallizers are most suited for products that are sticky, viscous or contain particulate matter. If your business or industry deals with such products, look no further.

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    Features of Scraped Surface Crystallizer

    The features of scraped surface crystallizers are many. However, for a standard scraped surface crystallizer, the features are as follows: 

    • They excel at efficient heat transfer given their design which promotes optimal temperature control and uniform crystal growth.
    • They enhance the mixing and agitation within the crystallizer, evenly distributing solutes for controlled crystallization.
    • They can operate continuously, which allows for consistent output and efficient utilization of resources.

    Since these types of crystallizers excel at efficient heat transfer, they’re perfect for industries requiring efficient utilization of resources for controlled crystallization.

    Applications of Scraped Surface Crystallizer

    The most common applications of scraped surface crystallizers are as below: 

    • They are used to crystallize speciality chemicals, polymers, waxes and resins, ensuring precise control over crystalline structures.
    • They are used to crystallize edible fats and oils in the food industry.
    • They are applied in the crystallization of cosmetic ingredients and products, including gels, waxes, etc., ensuring the required texture in the product. 

    The applications of scraped surface crystallizers are across different industries. We may suggest customizing a crystallizer for your industry if need be.

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    Why Choose Thermosag As a Scraped Surface Crystallizer Manufacturer in India?

    At Thermosag, we emphasize your specific requirements and assess whether we can offer customized solutions that meet your needs. Moreover, given the feedback of our existing clients, we are one of the most trusted scraped surface crystallizer manufacturers in India. We’ve been serving clients across varying industries for years, and their feedback speaks for our services. 

    If you want to learn more about our products, please contact us. Our team will be happy to cater to your needs.